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好的設計不僅僅賞心悅目,必定也蘊含了深刻的思維和內涵。way2creative 樂於探究內容的源頭,發掘問題的核心──無論是單純的宣傳製作物或大規模的識別系統,還是以紙本或數位多媒體呈等不圖型態現,我們不預設立場,更不拘泥於既有的形式,只為找出最佳的溝通方式和解決方案。我們相信,唯有表裡合一、內外兼備的設計,才能經得起時空與人性的考驗。

It’s important to look good; but only visionary design remains reflective, inspiring and withstands the test of time. We look at each project from a fresh perspective. By exploring the patterns of mind and behavior, we go beyond the surface, discovering the essence of the subject matter. Despite attractive visuals, careful attention is given to every critical aspect of design to bring out the most creative and desirable solution.

理念 Philosophy

way2creative 的團隊成員長期致力於設計工作,在品牌識別、廣告、包裝設計、書籍刊物、文字造型/編排、數位多媒體等領域累積了豐富的經驗,進而焠鍊出一套嚴謹的設計工法:從定義問題開始,完整地蒐集資料,以邏輯客觀的角度分析並制定架構,進而在脈絡中衍生創意、確實執行。我們堅持思考與執行並重,由裡而外、感性與理性兼備,才能做出好的設計。

Our approach is first to define the questions of the subject matter, collect and analyze information, and structure the answers before visual design is applied. It guides us through a diverse range of work, including brand design, advertising, packaging design, book/editorial design, letterforms and digital media design. We believe that understanding the essence of the subject matter is critical to great design.

設計方法論 Methodology

we are the best in

Brand Identity System 品牌識別系統

Creating exclusive HTML Templates for ThemeForest

Editorial Design 刊物編輯設計

All our templates are responsive for all devices

Book Design 書籍設計

Change header look or portfolio layout in seconds

Exhibition 展場與空間

Well documented all options and youtube tutorials

Packaging Design 包裝設計

We are launching our first iOS game Monster

Web & UI 網站與互動介面

This template is clean and minimalistic

Design Consultancy 顧問諮詢

Over 792 different line icons included in template


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